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Broadcasting in India is speedily shifting its profile. Indian radio is currently changing from being a government monopoly to highly-commercialized broadcasting. But this media needs to be democratized too. Privatization and total deregulation will not mean much to the average citizen if radio fails to get a chance to play a vital role in their lives. India has so far clearly given step-motherly treatment to public service, community, educational and development broadcast networks.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Good thought... one medium to open up another

Excellent idea, use of one open medium to promote another....
I just got an account for myself yesterday on this site as i believe that through this blog one can podcast if you "manipulate" the template a bit... So hopefully we can have an internet based radio station so instead of blogging and networking through text, we can do so through audio !!!
Have just learnt that you will not be able to make it for Our Media, its a pity because i was looking forward to some interesting discussions on how to take this whole new free and alternative medium of internet forward and how we can use it to our advantage to promote CR....however if this blog picks up in terms of participation, it would be worth the while... Ram


Blogger venniyoor said...

Well, we have cr-india, now a CR blog... just about everything except community radio.

Just heard that Ansuman Patnaik, Dy. Secy., I&B Ministry and caped crusader for community radio is quitting to take up an assignment with TERI. Things just keep getting better and better.

The policy is still with the GoM - there were at least 4 questions on community radio asked in Parliament this winter session. And the answer was always the same: the draft policy is being looked into by a GoM.


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